Get Some Sleep Experiment – Wrap Up

Hello my Dear Readers!

Are you ready for the results of my Get Some Sleep Experiment? Drumroll please! Ok, I admit, that’s a bit cheesy. 🙂  Here it is:

Did I get enough sleep? Maybe. Some days. Not enough days. Did I feel more rested? No.  Was it easy? Heck no!  Did I learn lessons? Definitely!

This experiment generated a lot of topics for reflection and a lot of areas of future improvement.

I learned a few things and realized a few other things.  For example:

A successful morning for me starts the night before.  If I want to wake up early, I need to go to bed early.

No, seriously.  My body simply WILL NOT wake up if I don’t consistently get at least 7 hours of sleep.  Not with an alarm, not with the wake up light, not with anything.  Will. Not. Wake. Up.   And if I’m working out, that number becomes 8 hours.

I am eternally grateful for my body’s ability to know what’s good for it, but sometimes it’s a pain.  Like, when I need to go to work after a late night.  And late nights will happen.  That’s just part of being an adult.  So if I want to feel more rested, I will need to come up with a strategy to reduce the number of late nights and plan on how to reduce their impact.

So, I need to go to bed earlier if I want to wake up earlier.  Simple, no? Turns out that it’s easier said than done.

I can go to bed at 9:30, right after the kids are gone to bed.  But then when do I do the dishes, read my books, crochet my stuffed animals, and write my blog?   There is always that feeling that the day is over and I didn’t get to do the things I wanted to do.  So many things to do, so little time!  So I stay up and FORCE my body to be AWAKE when it doesn’t want to be awake anymore.

My body is smart and it knows when it’s time for bed, and I have gotten so good at ignoring its needs!  I’ve also gotten very good at ignoring its signals of fullness when eating, and I will write about that in a separate article.  This one is about sleep.

Looks like I’m also going to need to create a strategy to fit my favourite activities in during the day in such a way that I don’t feel deprived of them in the end of the day and I don’t rob myself of sleep as a compensation for missing out.

Overall, I’m glad I tried that experiment and will try it again with some modifications in the near future.  In the meantime, I am focusing on things I can do.  At this time it’s writing in my journal regularly, even if it’s not at 6am.

What challenges have you faced lately with your self care routines and how do you feel about them? How are you planning on moving forward with your self care?

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